Science Videos

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Super Massive Black Holes

Parallel Universes

Death Star


The Mechanical Universe and Beyond

Carl Sagan – Cosmos

Next 50 Years of Science

The Shape of Life

Intelligent Design and Creationism/Evolution Controversy


Douwe Egberts and Bach

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It’s 01.50 in the morning and i embark on an epic blogging journey. The thought of doing so has crossed my mind recently, and, having been out of work ( 5 weeks now ) the time duely arrived. The late nights get longer when there is nothing forcing you up in the mornings!
For the first time in my life i find i have no direction and drive with which to tackle the day, and this just will not do!
I can only rearange the furnishings and do housechores so many times before i go completely insane.
That’s probrably the reason for doing a blog.
My senses are smothered at this time in a half lit room, smouldering with the sounds of Bachs Brandenberg Concerto.
A fitting end to a bleak rainy evening in the north of England.
If only he could have known as the content of his imagination seaped into his half lit room all those years ago, that it would seap into mine all these years later.
I could certainly get used to this. Douwe Egberts and Golden Virginia and a pair of shorts, with the heating on. Sweet.

I’ll take my leave for now.